Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Popcorn and Lollipops

On Tuesday remnants of tropical storm Fay reached the Charlotte area but it felt like a full on tropical storm was here. Crazy amounts of rain, occasional thunder and tornado warnings were on the TV. I think the weather dudes were more excited about it than the average joe. Certainly more excited than me since as a stay at home Mom, rainy day spells trouble.

I started the day with good intentions, despite the rain I wanted to get the kids out of the house and head to the mall for some back to school shopping. But after showering and another glance at the TV radar I decided it was best to stay put. Not that I can't handle driving in rain, but the thought of dragging the kids out with all their rain gear, umbrellas, not to mention all the other bored SAHM who probably have the same desperate need to escape, seems to overwhelming. So we ventured out just up the street to Blockbuster instead. Ran in long enough to grab a movie and then headed back home for lunch. The lady at Blockbuster gave the boys free lollipops and when asked what they wanted for lunch when we got home they responded in unison "Popcorn." Well, okay we can do that. A lollipop appetizer followed by popcorn and a movie for lunch. Sounded good to me. And it was. It was good because I was reminded that on some days you just need to go with the flow. No schedule, no plans, no sunshine, no problem. We had movie day pretty much all day. We had play time with some toys I think the boys forgot they had. We took time to watch the rain as it fell in bucket loads and I got the pleasure of hearing Evan saying that the grass was thirsty so God was giving it a drink. Wow.... it really was a fun day. Even though it was dark and yucky out, it was sunny and cheery inside. A rare gift a week before they go off to school. Rainy days are usually ones I want to forget. But not that day, and thanks to popcorn, lollipops and a storm named Fay, I don't think I ever will.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The child formerly known as Evan

I wish I knew that on some nights when you put your precious little 3 and half year old down for bed that the following morning when you wake them up they have turned into the devil. Or even worse, a teenager. Of course Evan is still only three and a half but the teenager/devil in him has reared it’s ugly head without any warning. Defiance…..yelling….not listening….and my personal favorite, the shoulder shrug eye roll combo when asked if he needed a spanking for his "attitude." Oh my goodness who is this boy??? Where did my sweet, genuine three year old go? What happened durning the night that advanced him light years ahead into a person who knows that repeating everything I say with a certain "tone" can cause a mother to lose it.
"Evan, you are being naughty and we are done playing outside!"
No Mommy you are being naughty and we are done playing outside."
"Do you want a spanking?"
"Do you want a spanking?"
Needless to say he got the spanking.
Yet his defiance and general anger went on through the day… Such as every other milestone that I have endured with raising two boys. I guess am not too worried since I was sorting of waiting for Evan to turn in to little green goblin thing form Ghostbusters. I just wasn’t expecting it until a few years from now.

I think back to one of my mom friends who told me the "Threes" were the terrible ones, not the twos. I heard her words at the time, but as most Moms do when a growth stage is mentioned I thought to myself "Not Evan" he is different after all he is my son. He is completely invisible to such typical behavior…He is perfect. Well, not perfect but darn close. Up until now the threes have been fairly easy going (even the potty training hasn't been as dreadful as I thought it would be). Evan is a sweet, caring fun loving little boy. He loves Thomas the train his science books, the show "Go Diego Go" and even has his very own special Diego imaginary friend. We have talks about being a big boy and how proud I am of him for learning to count to ten and sing his ABC’s. For all practical purposes Evan is a normal 3 1/2 year old little boy.... And I suppose that means he is after all not perfect. And as I type this I realize that neither am I. We both are still feeling our way through our roles in each other lives. He is getting older he is trying new things even if it means pushing me more than he ever has. I still can't wait to get him up in the morning. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me as he continues to grow up on me. I know the bad days are going to happen, I know the good days are going to happen too. I know that no matter how green goblinish he turns, I will love him just the same.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Time!!

This past weekend my twin sister and I celebrated our 36th birthday (gulp...) Where are our 30's going we asked ourselves as we, for the first time ever, got to sit across from each other at my parents dining room table as Mommies. It was probably the best present I could receive. I love seeing her a Mom. She has a constant smile on her face even when she is over tired. I have never once seen her lose her cool or patience with Jackson (I however was ready to put Evan up on ebay by week three......Okay just kidding). She has nick named Jackson "monkey" and every time I see him now I call him "monkey doodle" and can't stop kissing his sweet little head. I know all babies are cute and sweet and smell good but this is my nephew. I am an aunt for the first time and gosh darn it he is near close to perfect in my opinion.
So this has been a wonderful birthday weekend. Thank you Mom and Dad for a great birthday lunch, thank you to Kath and Jason for making me an aunt. Thank you Chris Evan and Ryan for all my wonderful presents. I am truly blessed more than I ever thought was possible!!