Monday, April 28, 2008

For the Love of Caterpillars!

It's amazing how a wonderful and memorable moment with the boys can go from pure bliss to pure chaos in about 30 seconds..... You would think by now I would be used to this sort flip of the light switch change in emotions but every now and then I am caught off guard by my toddlers. Even the dogs Bruno and Josie seemed unimpressed with my ability to calm them down over the incident with the caterpillars. I have no choice but to document this as I am sure one day I will read back through this and laugh.... Maybe.

So it begins like this, an ordinary day out in the backyard playing with their new sandbox. The air is warm and the breeze is gentle and the caterpillars have emerged from whatever hibernation they were doing and have taken over our back yard. Or at least they did a few days ago. So it didn't seem like it would be that hard to find a caterpillar at the request of my three year old. Evan, my beloved little tender heart. He is so sweet and so thoughtful that when he spotted one lone caterpillar crawling along the deck he announced he had to find the "baby caterpillars Mommy and Daddy." Well sure, we Can do that.....surely there are two other caterpillars around here somewhere.... I mean they are every where right?? So with Ryan in tow and the dogs meandering behind us we set off on a quest around the deck to look for the Mommy and Daddy caterpillars.

IMPOSSIBLE!!! It's like that old saying a watch pot never boils or you won't find love if you are really looking for it or some BS like that... Because for the love of God I was unable to find TWO that's right just TWO little measly caterpillars to complete the family that Evan is now hysterical over since the baby caterpillar is "lonely" Ryan (the smart child that he is has moved on and returned post at the sand box). But Evan, can't seem to let this go (a trait he clearly gets from his father). I get a grip on my teetering emotions at this point and do my best to calm Evan down explaining that the Mommy and Daddy caterpillar are probably taking a nap and we will find them later.

Sob Sob sniff sniff I somehow get him calm enough to get him back to the sandbox for a change in scenery and subject.

I however am on a mission.... MUST FIND CATERPILLAR!!! I later realize that this so called "mission" really was an obsession by my perseverance paid off because roughly 20 minutes later and a few nasty log pile rummages I return to the deck with three yes three caterpillars and announce to the children that I have found the caterpillar and his family. Well, two children came running and sat on the deck next to the caterpillars and we all joined hands and sang Kum Ba ya (well not really but it was sort of that sitting around the camp fire happy go lucky feeling). But most importantly, the boys were happy. So very happy to see these caterpillars and I was glad that I stuck it out. I took a deep breath and basked in my Mommy brilliance. The children are happy. The caterpillars are happy, all is right with the world, I am in complete control.

Enter Bruno ( the 160 lb great dane.)

The rest of the story goes something like this...

  • ", the caterpillars are fine, just fine Bruno didn't mean to step on them, they are fine...."

  • Attempt to "fluff up" three very dead caterpillars then decide to place them in the grass and explain they are tired and it's time for "night night."

  • Sensing that the three year old is on to me, I tuck in the caterpillars with a leaf and then at attempt to distract him with plane flying overhead but met with unamused stare.

  • Explain that the yellowish green substance oozing out of two of the caterpillars are "poop" and we should give the caterpillars some privacy.

  • lead the children away form the "sleeping" caterpillars and back to the sand box.

  • This works for 5 seconds....

  • So at this point I decide to turn this into a learning experience and decide to break the news to the kids that Bruno did indeed kill the caterpillars. It was an accident, nothing more and I am sure if Bruno had a conscious he would be very very sorry.

Well, two my surprise, the boys understood this. And it hit me.... Kids aren't stupid. They don't always need Mommy to sugar coat things. I don't quite understand how Evan and Ryan seemed to be okay with this little fact of life but they were and within minutes were back to the sandbox playing as if nothing had ever happened. I have to chuckle to myself because on most days it's me who is teaching them something. But on that day, it was me who learned from them. And I have this feeling it won't be the last time.

Come Sail Away!!

The 2008 boating season has begun....A.k.A time for Mommy to begin the oh so famous it's summer and welcome new set of neurotic worries that always seem to plague this time of year. Let's see there is forgetting to carry sunscreen, bee stings, falls and bruises from outside play, eating dirt (Ryan) playing with sticks (Evan) trying to pet the "mystery" insect that may or may not be poisonous (Ryan) and general summer time chaos. Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year because we can be outside more and play but it does create a shift in Mommy's stress level, especially when it comes to the boat.

I guess no matter how hard I try these boys are going to grow up and eventually want to go swimming. I suppose sending them off to college with their inflatable arms swimmies may be boarding line child abuse but what can I say, I am a Mom and I worry it's my job!!

Enter Daddy!! And I must say thank God for Daddies at time like this because they aren't usually as neurotic as we Mommies can be and therefore more fun (and yes I can even admit more "cool" activities Can take place). Like getting out on the boat with the kids on a Sunday afternoon. Chris loves being out on the boat. Deep down I do too...but again that whole worry thing.... But the season is here and just like last year, I push my worries aside and realize that I can't live in constant "what if" neurosis all the time (well I can but at leats fake that I don't )..

So after sepding 20 minutes fastening up life jackets and downing a Bud Light to clam my nerves we ventured out for the first time this season on to the lake.... And just like I knew it would be, it was magical. Not just to see the at peace look on my husbands' face, but to see how much the kids loved a new activity. I doubt very seriously they remember last year's boating ventures but this year as they continue to have the nerve to grow up on me they just seemed to be in their element. An deep down I was too. Husband, boys, boat, lake, sunset..... What in the world was I worried about???

Welcome spring! I am glad you are finally here.!!
Mary I.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

She is still Cooking

The happy couple and soon to be new parents shine on a Sunday morning at Mom and Dad's. I keep looking at her still somewhat amazed that my sister is going through this amazing time in her life. I wish I could express to her all that she and Jason are about to go through but they will know soon enough. I believe the famous quote goes something like this..."Having a child means forever watching your heart walk around outside of yourself..."
Yeah that pretty much covers it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Friends

We had very special friends in town this week. Steve and Leah came to visit us on their way home for a Florida vacation. I went to school with Steve and it's hard to believe that we have been friends for almost 20 years. Wow.... At any rate, the boys really loved "Mr. Steve" as they called him. Probably because he is 6'5 bald (sorry Steve if you are reading this but didn't know a more "politically correct" term for bald....the boys loved it though hehehe...) and he has the sense of humor that kids and adults just take to immediately. I don't think I know two people who are more suited for each other than Mr. Steve and Ms. Leah. We had so much fun with them here and hope to see them again soon.


I am so lucky to have my parents in town. Not only because they are a big help to us but for moments like this.... Seeing the look on my Dad's face while with his "boys" says it all.
Happy Birthday Dad. We love you!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Got Ice Cream?

Brotherly love

So I knew one day that Evan would be glad he had a brother. In fact my first reaction when we found out we were having another boy was pure happiness for Evan. See, I grew up with a twin sister and she and I are best of friends. Of course it wasn't always like that, but I knew that no matter what I would always have some one close to me who was my age who would always just "get me." Even though Evan and Ryan aren't technically twins (although Iget asked daily if they are), a year a part is pretty close. Despite months of not sharing, hitting and even biting (both are guilty of this) Evan has finally turned a corner in realizing that Ryan is not only his brother but hey- a friend. I notice this in little small glimpses more and more every day. This morning a perfect example. I was in the kitchen getting my coffee. Muttering around in my still asleep fog searching for the Splenda. Go Diego Go was playing in the background and two little boys were perched on the sofa waiting for me to bring them their juice and cup full of cheerios. When all of the sudden it got quiet. Too quiet. And the last time I heard such quiet was when they had escaped upstairs to Daddy's computer and was in mid mp3 download when I busted them. So, this kind of quite makes a mommy kind of nervous. So I wander form the kitchen to the family one to find the boys gone. Diego still plays in the background almost mocking me that I have not only lost the children but have yet to also find the Splenda.

Anyways I hear distant babbling and find my two precious angels in the bathroom. Ryan perched in the side of the tub, Evan rummbling threw the cabinet looking for God knows what. So after a quick note to self that we need to once again baby proof the bathroom cabinets, I ask "What's going on". Evan then informs me that Ryan has a boo boo and he wants to fix it for him. I look at both of them, my heart melting at the pure sweetness of the moment. Evan is determined to help his little brother as Ryan sits there waiting patiently for his boo boo sticker complete trusting Evan to take care of him. So I stop and "Click...Take a Pic...." in my mind so I wouldn't forget that moment. I help Evan find the band aids and allow him to apply two to his brothers elbow which turns out isn't a boo boo but left over red marker from the day before durning the lets draw all over ourselves fiasco that for the love of God wouldn't come out in the tub.

So another moment of absolute bliss has occurred all before my first cup of coffee and I know my day has already been off to a good start. So the boys return to their places on the sofa and are now happily munching of Cheerios and grape juice. I return to the kitchen to resume my splenda search and remind myself how lucky I am and how grateful I am for brotherly love.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Couisn is coming

My Twin sister Kathryn and her hubby Jason are expecting their first baby in June (it's a boy!!). I am so excited for her and can't wait to meet the newest addition to our ever growing family. Congratulations you two... Can't wait for you all to join the crazy yet wonderful world of parenthood.