Monday, March 24, 2008

WAHOO!!! A tour at the Fire Department was a great way to start a Monday. The boys were memorized. Do you think they want to be firemen when they grow up??? Lord I hope not, I have enough grey hairs!! Just kidding. What a great thing to do as a career but for now I will enjoy my babies just climbing on the trucks and saying "cheese"


So much fun this year since both boys really seemed to understand a little bit more about Easter. We had such a fun weekend getting Easter baskets, egg hunts, a cookout over at the Grandparents house and of course church on Sunday. Evan and Ryan really did enjoy a very special weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It doesn't seem possible that Evan and Ryan are toddlers now. Well, actually preschoolers. is that right?? When did this happen?? It doesn't hit me until I see pictures of them and I see how much they have turned into little people instead of babies. Of course they will ALWAYS be my babies but I see changes in them every day that give my flashes of who they are and who they will become. Don't get me wrong I still see their sweet little baby faces when I look at them. But more and more I see my "boys" and I have never been more proud.

They are totally different kids. Evan is my tenderheart. The senstive one, Ryan is the tough guy (as my husband like to baost proudly "the stud"). Evan will still curl up in my lap and sit there for as long as I let him, just hanging out with Mommy. Ryan will sit on my lap for oh, I 'd say a minute or two then he is off and busy with something else. Nonstop, that one. Evan is busy too it's just a different busy. Evan loves trains, cars and anything that clicks, hooks up or makes noise. My future little enginer I think. Ryan loves anything that involves activity. Climbling, kicking a ball, running, and standing on his head. Ryan is the reason I have sprouted a few more greay hairs of late. So much fun these guys, and fianlly starting to see each other as friends.

Occasionally Chris and get to be adults and have a night out all dressed up. Thank God for this man. He is not only my husband, but also my partner, the love of my life and everything else in between. Not to mention a fantastic father and my best friend!!

Come on Spring

Spring is almost here. I have been able to get away with having the kids outside without their coats and it seems to bring a new element of excitement. Short sleeves and no coats!! I remember as a kid that always meant summer wasn't far off and the wonderful feeling of knowing warm air and splashing around in a pool was getting closer is still one of my favorite childhood memories.
This past week has been fun. Easter is coming and we just celebrated St. Patricks Day with some of our friends in my Mom's club. Stay tuned for more Easter pictures coming soon.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello and welcome to our family blog. It's about time I started one of these. I have always wanted to and now that Evan is 3 and Ryan is 2 I am reminded more and more how quickly time flies. I wanted to create a place for friends and family to see our world as well as a place for Mommy to journal (or rant and rave) about the kids, dogs, laundry and all the other fun craziness that goes along with Mommyhood...... But more than anything I want to show off our family as I am so lucky and so proud to be a part of this bunch.