Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 A look back

Evan turned three, and Ryan turned two.

I got the flu on SuperBowl Sunday.

Chris and I spent Valentines day weekend in Hilton Head were the weather luckily that weekend was in the 70's both days and we got a small taste of spring time at the beach..

Daylight savings came early and the kids began to stay up later and later....

The boys did their first Easter egg hunt at church and gave the Easter Bunny a hug (or at least Evan did Ryan was still a little scared).

Chris traveled to Las Vegas for 5 days for work and Mommy officially spent the longest time to date without his help, making me realize how I can't do any of this without him (or my other boyfriend called Mr. Bud Light.)

My best friend from college and his wife came to visit and got to meet Evan and Ryan for the first time.

Chris and I began to talk about maybe trying for one more baby.

I started our family blog and the Steele Creek Moms club blog and I write now more than I used to realizing how much I love to write and how much I miss it.

I became a permanent member on the choir at church, and fell in love with songs about God that I never thought I would listen too.

Chris and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary

We had a yard sale and made $300.

Chris went to 3 NASCAR races, I went to one which was plenty for me.

I threw a baby shower for my twin sister who was soon to be a first time Mom

I watched Evan "graduate" from his very first year of preschool.

We took an amazing vacation in Cocoa Beach Florida and saw a rocket launch from Cape Caniveral.

Evan officially became potty trained.

My first friend when I moved here died of a rare lung cancer. She was only 34.

Two of my Mommy friends from kindermusick class moved away.

Chris turned 37 and I turned 36.

My sister gave birth to Jackson Hayes Saine and blessed our family with a new adorable little miracle.

I submitted two articles to the folks who publish the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.... Still anxiously awaiting if one of them is chosen.....

Bruno had to have knee surgery, twice and gave us new meaning to taking care of our pets.

I visited my cousin Lori in Nags Head, NC for my once a year "Mommy free" getaway.

The boys had their first ever swimming lessons.

My great Aunt Alice passed away.

I became Secretary of the Mom's Club.

My Nana turned 91.

Ryan began his first year of preschool while Evan went back for his second.

Mommy was alone for three days a week for the first time since having kids.

I began to baby sit for Jackson once a week, getting a real handle on what life could be like with three kids.

Chris and I ceased our discussions for a third child.

We took a late summer vacation in Florida to see Chris parents and visit our favorite place called Capt Hirams Resort in Sebastian Florida.

We witnessed a victim who had been bitten by a string ray. She would eventually be okay.

The boys really got into Halloween this year and went trick or treating for the first time with Chris.

For the first time in my life I didn't vote Republican.

I had kidney stones.

I actually slowed down for the holidays and enjoyed being with the boys as they began to really understand about Christmas.

We actaully were awake this year to see the ball drop in Times Square.

2009 looms in front of me with excitement,hope and change. I knew last year how lucky I was. This year I hope I spend more time not taking this life for granted. I want to try and be a better person, a better Mom a better wife and a better Christian. I know it won't be easy but hey- it's a new year. A great place to start.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ryan - Christmas Show

Here is the cute boy in red. He did great durning his segment of the show. He had a smile on his face the whole time. It was great. Merry Christmas!!!

Evan sings - Christmas show at preschool.

Mommy ran out of memory in her video camera (and is also not the greatest film maker) but here is a quick snippet of Evan in today's Christmas show. Ryan had not yet come up yet so unfortunately I missed getting him on tape.... But he was great too. See the pics above, but he shook jingle bells and then proceeded to lift his shirt up to show off his bellybutton to the whole crowd. Mommy was so proud!! Enjoy the video of Evan. He is in green behind the two cute little girls.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lake Wylie Christmas Boat Parade

Every year a bunch of boats on the lake deck out in Christmas lights and decorations for the annual Boat Parade. This is the second time we have gone (last time I went I was pregnant with Ryan and Evan was still a baby). So the kids really got a kick out of it this year. We invited our special friends Meredith and Bob and their boys along as well. It was so much fun. Ho Ho Ho....

Evan and Nana

A very sweet picture of Evan with my Nana and Dad. This was taken a few weeks ago on his big boy adventure with Grand mommy and Granddaddy to see Nana the week before Thanksgiving. I love how happy she looks in this photo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

O Christms Tree......

So far a record 118 times today alone that I have said "Don't touch the tree." Or an in attempt to be brilliant, use a more subtle suggestions saying something like "Once the ornament is on the tree, we are not to touch it." I forget how all toddlers and preschoolers have not only selective hearing but also a very impressive "reverse psychology" theory. So when Mommy says don't touch, that of course means touch, yank, pull, grab and (on one occasion) almost knock over said tree if it wasn't for my superhero capability to hurdle the coffee table, grab a branch and hold on for dear life while yelling at the top of my lungs "DIDN'T I SAY DON'T FREAKING TOUCH!!!!" to the boys who at this point have the nerve to be laughing at me.
Needless to say the tree did not fall (nor was it going to but I swear it looked like it could).

So Christmas tree 2008 has officially begun in the Ickert household. It started the usual way with a family outing to the Penland Christmas Tree farm in York County, SC. This place is fantastic. It screams good ole fashion family Christmas as soon as you pull up into the gravel parking lot and lay your eyes on an endless field of Christmas trees. They have a fire pit where kids can roast marshmallows, they serve hot chocolate and free candy canes. Everyone who works there is one big family and I have nerve once not seen them without smiles on their faces. It's a great experience and since the kids are getting older it has turned into a very special tradition. This past weekend we took my folks out there so they could experience the joy as well. We picked out usual Leland Cypress ( they work the best with our tall ceilings), strapped it to the car (okay Chris did that part) and brought it home for the family holiday tradition number 2.

Tradition number 2 has fondly been named by me as "Curse Fest 2008." "Curse fest 2008" applies to my husband from the moment we pull into the driveway with the tree a top our car to the moment the last light is strung. This is a spacial time of year for him since I firmly believe that dropping the "F" bomb 500 times in one hour is good for the soul and can help reduce holiday stress. My job of course is to keep the children far far away from him and be the "Spotter" if and only if he asks for my help (this very important lesson was learned at curse fest 2003 where when asked if I could help he, proceeded to give me his resume on how he used to be an aircraft mechanic and if he could do that he could get the "F-ing" tree in the "F-ing" stand and if I wanted to "F-ing help I was to bring him an F-ing beer). Ahhh....good times

Needless to say Curse fest 2008 was relatively mild and minus one exception where we debated one which side was more crooked (yet another lesson learned... never and I mean never bring up the word "crooked" unless he does first.) The tree was ready for decorating. I couldn't wait to start with the boys this year since they are at the age where they really seem to get Christmas more this year. Why yesterday when I asked Evan what he thought Christmas was all about he replied "Giving." Bursting with pride and adoration I went to go hug him when he then clocked his brother in the face with a toy and boom, life returned to normal.

So there you go, are family Christmas is off and running. The tree is now fully decorated and (I think) the boys know not to mess with it. I find myself durning this busy time of year to really try and slow down and just enjoy everything. Last year I was so over committed with way too much it has been one of my vows since the fall arrived that this year I was going to just slow down and enjoy the holidays. So far so good, even on the stressful days and moments it's been a great start for December. Hope everyone else is having a great season as well. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2008