Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New System - Becuase if they don't listen I might go insane!

So we are trying something new. The set up is nothing fancy but it goes something like this:
Evan and Ryan - if you are good, you are in the green!! If you are bad you are in the red!! If you are in between you are in the yellow and that is considered your warning.

Results as of 4:00 this afternoon: Evan -Yellow!! Ryan - Negative Pink (a.k.a so far off the chart I am not even sure where he is).

This idea came compliments of my husband. Ever the "think outside of the box" kind of Dad he came up with this system after having to console me the other night after a day full of the boys just absolutely refusing to listen to me. Poor guy, I am grateful that he held me and let me babble incoherently for about 10 minutes on how I tried every trick, every discipline manner I have learned over the years only to be met with complete and utter disobedience. Maybe it's the summer boredom setting in. Maybe I was just having an off day... Or maybe while the boys were asleep aliens took over each child and converted them to little horror shows yet all the while still looking completely the same... Maybe it's just life! Either way, a day of yelling exhausted me and moved me to tears beyond my control. This is nothing too terribly new but with school still a long way aways something needs to give. I think Chris does a better job at coming up with these things than I do. mainly because he isn't around them as much as I am and still has most brain cells intact, but also because he is just much better at problem solving.
Mommy in a puddle of hysterics on the floor when he comes home.
Solution: Stop light Chart, and firm description to the boys that if they are in the red when he gets' home they get a pants down spaking from daddy and his paddle of choice.

So it's been in effect for two days and damn it all if it isn't working. While just a few minutes ago while Evan attempted to go air born pretending to be superman, I yelled at him to not only get down but that if he didn't listen he was going to go into the "Red" and would have to deal with Daddy when he got home. Quickly his expression changed and he got down. I feel a new power come over me. Maybe just maybe I am taking control back... And I can't take any credit for this simple yet brilliant idea. Dang...But oh how I love the feeling. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Best Friend's Baby

Many of you know that one of my closest Friends from college is a...(gasp) guy. I got to know Steve my freshman year when he was my RA. I knew there was something special about him the night he came and picked me up from a frat party I had no business being at and didn't seem to flinch when I threw up all over his shoes. Yup, I knew this guy was going to be a keeper. And he is. Steve and I had a very special friendship not only in college but probably more so after college. He moved out west but we stayed in touch over the years. he moved back east and he helped me get my act together throughout my 20's with late night phone calls and occasional visits back to our old stomping grounds in Virginia Beach. I can honestly say I have laughed more with Steve than anyone else in my life. He is a rare find, and one I am so glad I did all those years ago. We each took part in each other's weddings, him making the long trip down to Mexico to see Chris and I get married on the beach, and me, the one and only female groomsmen standing beside him as I watched him marry Leah, the love of his life.
It is with Leah that he is now a first time father. He is journaling his experience on his blog and I really want to share it with as many people as I can. You see, Steve is a born writer. He is tremendous at it and since we all read blogs about our lives as Mommies, I thought it would be refreshing to read one about a daddy. A very funny and sincere Daddy who is right in the throws of first time fatherhood. It's refreshing to see that men and not just women go through the emotional roller coaster of parenthood. Now, I have to warn you, Steve says it like it is. His sense of humor can be a times "dark" but in a weird way it's why I love him. Why be boring right? Just be. Here is his link and I will also have it posted on my blog roll.

Steve and his bride Leah on their wedding day:

Steve with me on my wedding day.

Steve and Leah with the boys last year.