Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys of Summer

I blinked and summer was over...

The lack of postings on this blog probably has already indicted to some of you on how busy the summer has been... However pure laziness and a way too slow computer sometimes also contributed.. Yet here it is a week away from school starting and I didn't want summer to slip away too fast without posting updates and photos of just how wonderful it has been.

So here goes... This summer had been a pivotal one for me. Mainly due to the boys to the unthinkable....GROWING UP!! They are older and more independent now. Instead of having to break up fights I got to listen to them play togeteher..nicely...most of the time. I listened as they became "batman" or "superman" as they looked for "Bolt" the dog form the movie with the same name. They played pirates and did the "Arrgguuhhh" from Peter Pan and talked about going to Neverland. They discovered legos were no longer fun things to throw around but were actually little puzzles that can make cars, little cities even robots.

They lost interest in their sand and water table and became more interested in riding their bikes, big wheels or scooters. Sports have peeked their interest more as well. They got a new basketball hoop and have officially been signed up for soccer (which of course officially makes me a "Soccer Mom, oh the horror...I mean joy...)

Diapers became obsolete in our house and thus began "pee pee" competitions, "pee pee" songs and pee pee behind the bush out in the front yard for all the world to see (once again to my horror...I mean my joy because come on, that is kind of funny).

Later nights...later schedules, no more naps, no more sippy cups and Diego shaped silverware. No more "Mommy I need I need" but more of "Mommy let me show you... Mommy come see what I made..." (sometimes this was pleasant other times not so much).

More learning more questions more discovering. Night lights are still a necessity so are "time outs" and the occasional spanking.

Ryan's 3 year old babble turned into talking more and more and he is actually making sense. Evan is still talking always talking...never stops talking even talks about talking too much and talks to other people, things and objects. It's quite entertaining..most of the time.

We were able to go to the beach twice this year. Once kid free (thanks Lori and Dave) and once to Hilton Head as a family (thanks Mom and Dad). Both trips were fantastic. I even got to escape to the beach for a Mommy free weekend. Need to do that at least twice a year, maybe three times....

And the swimming...Oh the swimming this year has been my favorite. What was once a chore, a constant panic attack for me never wanting to let them out of my sight or firm grip. A page was turned and they both took to the water this year like fishes. I gave them my own swimming lessons and bonded with them more than I ever thought possible. I learned that even though they are older and keep growing, Mommy is the one they trust the most. Mommy is the one the depend on and still need. Selfishly I don't ever want that to end but know one day it will.

But the summer of 2009 has been glorious... A truly glorious time as I watch them grow and become more and more "Evan" and "Ryan" So different so incredible and so blissfully mine.

I think that covers just about everything but just incase here is a slide show of much of my favorite moments of the summer. Hope everyone had the same and enjoyable time with their family as I did mine.
Now let fall begin.

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Carainn said...


what a great summer the boys had.

I enjoyed watching.

hope to see you soon

hugs C

Megan said...

It's so bittersweet to watch them grow up, isn't it? Great post.

Amber Greenawalt said...

Lovely post Mary! Thanks for sharing your summer!It made me really think about the changes my kids have gone through this season blink a couple times and they have grown up. Hope to see you soon!